Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Up Your Game

Life is like a cycle. It has its moments and it has never let anyone down-not intentionally. I reckon human beings have two things that could either lift them or weigh them down. Humans have the power to believe and make choices. They can choose based on what they think and feel is right. Most of the times these choices are governed by their socialization. Most people end up making choices to fit into the society or please people and in turn they are disappointed. When they get to this point, they most definitely say that "life sucks!" Well, it shouldn't but you made a choice and every choice has a result. So, today I am going to ask you a very personal question. Are you a finished product or a product in process?
Are you complete or a work in progress?
I will then capitalize on your thinking and ask another very personal question, when was the last time you "upped your game?"
If you are a guy, that has to be something close to the heart.
If you are a lady who just broke up with a guy and is currently seeing someone, then have you upped your game? Is your current partner better than your former? Are you better now?
So, relationships aside and let me talk about the individual. You might be reading this thinking (My God she is rambling again) but I promise you I probably am.
Nonetheless, when I talk of you "upping your game" I mean- you have to constantly push yourself to be a better person. Every second of your life you have to constantly up your game. You might have done right now, but is there a way in which you can make it better next time?
These are some of the questions that you have to ask yourself. I was recently wondering why people lose their sense of wonder when they turn thirteen. As a child you try something and fail so many times, but you keep at it. When you are a teen, the pressure to grow up and act like an adult inhibits you from doing so. And don't you dare tell me anything about YOLO! I have heard that so much that my head spins when someone who is not a risk taker says it!
Take risks, learn a new skill, teach someone something, have an apprentice, listen to new music, travel to a town or city- do something that would see you constantly learn about your environment. Up your game!