Friday, January 18, 2013

Atlas taught me something about responsibility

Atlas according to Greek Mythology was this Titan who held up the celestial sphere- as punishment. I heard about him and thought- he could be my friend on the aspect of responsibility. I also know that I do not fancy that word of late- not by a long shot!
But, I will be honest enought to admit that I am disappointed in people who are closer to my in my circle than anyone else. So, for the record-this  is one well thought emotionally charged post!
Phew! Okay- have you ever felt as though the world was weighing you down? I mean literally, like you carrying all this burden and whoever should shoulder it is busy playing the parasite?
I have, for the past two months. I was only brewing it for a post (I guess that makes me something akin to Taylor Swift and John Grisham, for I use my experiences to produce things). If it is any solace, this post strikes home. It has been a wonderful year so far and the things I have had to do, prove me two things: I cam manage my finances well, and I do NOT forgive (not even easily). I find the latter very challenging, because I am good at suppressing any negative emotion then reflecting on it to later let it go. I let go of negative feelings, but forgiving the person who inspired them seems like a task for me. I will have lots to work on, but I believe it will make sense in the next couple of hours as I make my journal entry for the day. But, Atlas has taught me something about endurance.
Imagine he carried all that weight without complaining.
I have not yet gotten to that state, but if you ask me, it is hard work taking up someone's responsibility- always watching out for them, paying their bills and providing them with meals when all they seem to do is stay and enjoy the fruits of your labor. It is also sad, that it never was an issue until I ran into a couple of mutual friends and they could brag about being treated by the same person. If you know me you know there was a storm brewing and it was mightier than Thor's dramatic entrance! I came home and had some porridge then slept it off. I managed to listen to #TheAwakening album by James Morrison too before I got out of bed and said "thank you Atlas for being so tolerant, but I am done doing what others should!"
See, people might take advantage of the fact that you can provide-and especially family- but if the same family know how to return the favor, then it goes to say that you have the best support team on earth. So, now before you become an Atlas, ask yourself, who are you doing it for?
If it is for you-then by all means do it. I am not talking about being "responsible for". I am talking about doing what another person said they would do without fail. You are your brother's keeper, and moreso guardian angel-but you have to know when you should let them do what they have to.
That's what Atlas taught me, at times put the sphere down-let someone  else carry their own weight.