Friday, February 1, 2013

Bye...Hi :-)

Thank you for reading this post.
It was a pleasure having you endure five minutes of my ranting to some avail or not. Okay, let's get serious! I am disrupting my system today. Yes, I am doing this that I do not normally do hoping to keep my mind fresh, healthy and brilliant. So far, my mind has become hungry for so much more! I woke up and decided to clean the house from the back to the front! As you will see from my pathetic sketch-I started from the verandah that is directly opposite the tap outside-cleaned the kitchen, my mom's room, the corridor, loo, bathroom, our room and finished at the stairs that lead to our living room. It was an uphill task. I spent twenty minutes mopping as opposed to the usual ten. I also learned that our house is designed such that it slopes towards the exit. I would make so many trips to dry off water that was spilling to the verandah.
I also did wake up to listen to Ed Sheeran's + Album .
As a result my mind has become hungry for some thrill!
You know, our minds map.
That is why say when the lights are out you can trace your way around your house, because you frequent the rooms and know which door leads to which room.
So, why not do something to disrupt your system?
Do something healthy- like say read a magazine that you have never read, listen to a genre of music that you have never listened to. Talk a walk to a shop that you always pass, or try eating at that restaurant you have been passing- or try and walk into a book shop and talk to the attendants about the best books they have read.
Or buy a brand of yoghurt like Whimsy! (I still think that's the worst name they could have thought of)
And just like I started this post by doing something different- I have to conclude it by saying that when you learn something new or disrupt your system, you are telling your mind that there are so many ways to do things and achieve results. It enhances your creativity and helps you deal with prejudices you held.
So, hi it's nice meeting you and I have something to say...(I think I just did) but here it goes "have a discovery day."