Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rules of Work

I have this unlike button that beeps in my mind when it comes to rules-especially when I am writing!
But, I am getting hanged in a few minutes for simply venturing forth into the subject of "work." I know some bit of you is asking "what does she know about work?"

It has to be done. That's what I know about work.

I came across this quote and couldn't resist to take a break from work and think it through "Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity, from discord find harmony, in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."-Albert Einstein.
I know, the genius had to say something about work! Can I ask you something? Yes, you who is reading this moment of sheer enlightenment as told in a biased manner by me!
Do you enjoy working?
I mean do you look forward to working on a project, assignments, house chores, or simply waking up to endure hours of traffic to meet objectives with other people?
Most people do not. I recall reading from Seth Godin's blog that 98% of people are doing what they don't love. That most of these people are in the wrong profession. It riled me up a little then I started thinking of what could be right about it? Currently, I would admit that I have the greatest support system in form of my mom and sisters. Every time I quit a job because some aspect of management or product delivery goes against an agreement we had with my employers, my mom says "you'll get another job, no worries." She has told me this five times last year alone. A friend once told me not to quit and hang in there to make money. She could not understand why I was throwing away my "luck" just for principle sake.

I have not been in her presence for six months. I do keep in touch thanks to social networks, but not long enough to allow her pessimism to cloud my thoughts.I know people are different. (I studied this for four years, and do live among people).I also understand that we approach work differently. Some people do not like to work, just the thought of it makes them want to scream, but it is never about that - work means creation.It is like telling people, I can do this, I can produce this and you can count on my to deliver my promise.

So, you can heed what Einstein said or not- but look at work in the reverse order. If you say are not very pleased with your job, and like my friend- are staying put for the money- then ask yourself one thing, what would I expect from my employees if I were the boss? Look at work and treat it from three points of view: the boss, the friend, the client. As the boss you have to manage time and resources and steer people in the right direction to achieve results. As the friend you have to appreciate the good and bad sides of such a relationship, all the while learning to improve each other and cherishing every step you make. As the client you want value for your money. Something you can always use and brag about. There's also the view point of the competition and market- but that will be for you to incorporate as you choose.
Rules are there. But you are not the rules, you are the person who with or without these rules can see to it that whatever you engage in is a masterpiece. Cut the laziness and get back to work!

FYI: Reading this is work! The neurons and transmitters in your brain just allowed you to learn something from this person :-)

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