Saturday, February 23, 2013

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes perfect!
No, Deliberate practice makes perfect!
I will have to jog your brains a little bit this Saturday, and my hope is that at the end of this post, you will have to look into what you do and how you do it-and why you do not achieve results. I have often been told that when it comes to writing, I need to practice daily. I did that. I would write three hundred words daily- or more when journaling.
But, then it hit me that I was stuck at 300, just making it seem easy to churn thirty ten word sentences and as such I was not really building on my writing. So, I took the workout approach. This is where you start with a few moves then increase them so your muscles can adjust to the changes and the strain. I started writing 300 in the morning, five hundred words in the afternoon and before I sleep it has to be 1000. So, by the end of any day I need to have written at least two thousand words. This does change depending on what happens-and I can write even a thousand in the morning or so.
For the longest time people have gone for the cliche that practice makes perfect. It might hold true for a second, but every time you practice there is a target you have to set and you have to achieve it at the end of your practice, that's why "deliberate practice" is important.
Know what you want to gain, give it your all and then don't stop there- keep at it.