Thursday, February 21, 2013

Here and Now

I started this year, beautifully. I believe that it has been a remarkable time for me to understand what I am passionate about and what's my harmatia (flaw). I did publish my first short story Pieces and that was my first step into accepting that I write stories in the first voice better than the second and third voices.
I went to town today to get some of my stuff done and I couldn't help but notice just how much everyone was busy trying to make a shilling. It is something that made me stop and wonder at how we all do it.
How can one have fun without money?
I mean, "how can you have a good time with friends and family without money?"
So, I called up my rather dull and Banker of a friend and asked him, his answer was "there's no way that could ever happen, it's like asking, how can a person breathe without oxygen?"
So, I asked him how he could have fun with friends on a budget of two hundred shillings and he told me, he's free on Saturday and he'd love to see how I would do just that.
Now, before I tell you my plan- ask yourself, on a good day, or night, how much money must you spend to have a good time with your friends. I mean three or four of your best friends.
I am known to live in a make believe world and always happy about lots of sad things- but on this, I would admit that I felt thrilled at my friend's challenge.
That means that this weekend, I will invite our friends (a total of eight) for tea and we could simply catch up on some old times- and they can fuss at how cheap my invite is and then I could hear some of the suggestions they have on what they would have done with the same amount of money-to ensure a good time.
I am seriously banking on the fact that a good time is best had by good laughs, memories and people who are different by chance has brought you together and you have chosen to stay together as friends- because you build each other in different but positive back to the here and now, what are some of the simple things that you do to reach out to your friends and family?