Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Emotional RollerCoaster

No, I won't talk about the song
and it's not "just an emotional rollercoaster" but a whirlwind of uncertainty that has left me stumped!
So, let's take a moment and get to the story.

I have a friend. Well, at the moment I am on suspension until I am proven worthy of her attention (which is very fine by me) - so we are at the "frenemy" phase. This is the phase where the person you once deemed your friend did something that only an enemy would do, but since you know them and still care you are still willing to breathe the same air as them. It's the female version of the Cold War, only difference is that, it is taking place in the 21st Century and this Coldness is extended to:
  1. Being blocked on Facebook
  2. Being unfollowed on Twitter
  3. Deleting their numbers from your phonebook
  4. Not, hanging out with your frenemy at all, and your mutual friends have to stop talking about your frenemy in your presence.

So, well- my friend did obsess about a Guy so much that all she could eat, breathe and sleep was him. So, when I did tell her that the Guy she is into has a girlfriend- she yelled at me so much, I thought the whole of MegaPlaza in Kisumu declared me a witch. I watched her stomp off in heels (which was a very beautiful sight, because now I believe that those actresses in movies really do get their freak on when they stomp off in heels!)

She has not been talking to me, and I learned that I failed the "Chameleon Training Test."

Girls start doing this at the tender age of five. You know it happens when girls bond and share their emotions and feelings- you are taught or modeled to tune into someone's feelings, and when you don't you always say "I know the feeling, I have been there myself" or "I understand how you feel, but you will get through this, we will help" - and then the stories start trickling in.

So, I was honest and too blunt- and she did not take it well.

I failed in delivering "bad news."

But it came more like an alarm to me: I respect relationships because I have had the best experience with people who butt in and soon we are not a couple but "A COUPLE" of girls and one guy- such that two increases to three or four, and the gender balance is off scale.

Talk of moving from 1:1 to 1:3

So, to have my friend obsess about this guy and go after him when he's clearly with another girl whom he's actually living with and his boys know he is into- was her wasting her time and personality. I told her and wham! she nucleared me!

So, for all it is worth I learned two lessons:

  1. The truth is Ugly because the Lie is always wearing make-up takes our breath away
  2. Tell the truth and be free of a guilty conscience.