Saturday, March 2, 2013

Journal Entries

February 27th 2009- was the day I posted my first article on this blog.
At 1:07pm I posted Keeping a Journal .
I still do believe that "a journal is more of a personal collection of thoughts, feelings, events and opinions of what happens in our daily lives."
So, in the spirit of sharing I figured why not share some entries that I have made over the years. Please don't get offended or sad if you are either an entry or not, if you happen to have crossed my path then you were an entry in red, if you inspired me you are an entry in blue, if you just did something random- maybe you made it or not, so here goes nothing:

27tth July 2010: Nicholas Jacques Conte, a French Army officer invented the pencil in 1795- now thanks to him I can get something to write with that can be erased! a coffee pot to him :-)

10th December 2010: listening to Daughtry's "It Feels like Tonight" on VOA at 10:44am, am too tired to eat, but not too lazy to write.

29th December 2010: C has stopped talking to me on Facebook, I miss him, but for what it's worth, he's an arrogant stump!

31st December 2010: I really need to consider some stuff, so here's my focus and after what happened with Yellow, number 6 is of uttermost importance:
  1. 9 courses left to graduate
  2. Get an aggregate of A each semester
  3. A place to stay around school costing 6k
  4. A part time job, like asap!
  5. Two or three dresses and Heels!
  6. Single! Single! Single!

1st February 2010: Mom and Chezza took Jay to hospital this night, I cannot go back to sleep because I'm scared that I might close my eyes and wake up to hear he's gone.I know I am being irrational but I don't like 1am, it reminds me of when Dad started tossing in his sleep and 2 hours later he was gone! I know, but stay with me...just stay, don't ask questions, just listen.

25th February 2011: Udo asked me out- truth is I never get what he says- I am tempted to tell him speak English! not Pidgin, but hey he's cute! Wait, two months and I am forgetting rule number 6! The hell, Udo is worth breaking a rule for. He loves coffee and music and can dance, now tell me how important is it to date a guy who can dance! Very Important!

23rd August 2011: I chatted with Brenda and Monica on twitter, they are my awesomest cousins, you know that don't you?

24th August 2011: Was in Siaya with Phestus and Kirsten, I think I will forever be a traveller :-)

25th December 2011: @khedtwitts: saw her after 6 years...and she still looked #wow...ok, you gotta leave soon but hope to see you more often

2nd March 2012: I am loving #Fastlife by Joe Jonas, it is an amazing album...something about "Sorry" reminds me of Yellow- aargh! forget that!

16th May 2012: @cherylamondi embraced Twitter! I am happy!

15th June 2012: Bought Masala chips at Yako Supermarket in Bungoma at 120/=

PS: I got derailed and ended up reading most of my entries and then thought about it, and figured...I will share snippets of my experience when I blog, and draw insights from them.
Have a lovely weekend!!

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