Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Take a Break

"The way you are going, you seriously need to take a break!"

This came from my friend Nancy-and I couldn't help but disagree with her because some unorthodox part of me sees her going to work from 8am to 5pm six days in a week-and not getting an ounce of sleep when she wants to.
She also reminded me that- one can waste away a whole day-if she is not motivated. (Maybe that's why she texts me a lot)

Have you ever wanted to take a break?

I mean, just to put whatever you love doing on pause? See, I am going to focus on things you are good at- this is because when it comes to say taking a break from the negative stuff and people-I believe you can pull out of that because you do have a breaking point. So, focus...I am talking about taking time and attention off something you love.

For the past two months a huge part of me thought I was taking a break from Writing.
I was wrong, dead wrong!
I have been scribbling here and there- just not sticking to one story flow-and maybe that's why I have been fooling myself.
I went into our bedroom today-and did some stock taking.
In the past week, I have bought:
  • three writing pads
  • six blue pens
  • three black pens
  • four SkoolPoint felt pens
  • seven pencils
  • one (triple pink) set of Pelikan erasers
  • one 30 centimeter ruler

So much for

So, now that it's clear, I figured that when it comes to something I love- taking a break from it is not easy- not because a break is not necessary- but because I am not psychologically prepared for it.
The same goes with little things we do on a daily basis- if you are on the go and busy all the time, start small- instead of indulging in office gossip and politics, why don't you read a magazine- eat a fruit, take a glass of water, or listen to music during your break?
And before you leave the office- why not just stop for a minute and recall the first time you set foot in that organization-and how you were in those few moments before the interview. Take a break- from things that do not add value to your life- and instead seek something that would- ask, is this second fully me? Am I here and now and living and loving this?

At times, the answer to the question might not be to your liking, but at least it is honest.

PS: Picture is courtesy of LearnStuff
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