Friday, April 5, 2013


I do not want to think anymore.
I apologize for the grammatical mistakes, and the shrieks and outbursts that you are about to endure in this post. Let's start from the beginning- what do you say to your friend who's heart is breaking so bad you can see them falling apart?
What do you do when upon seeing them in that state- memories of your own heartbreaks overcome you?
I'm done with the questions- because I learned that no one is bulletproof especially guys!
There's so much talk about Guys always breaking girls hearts- but today I had the case of the Girl shattering the guy's heart and I am afraid he will get into a string of flings and floozies.
I could feel him fall apart over the phone and before I stayed on his side- I was dumb enough to ask if he asked her why she cheated- and he said that the only response he got was "I don't know what came over me."
But, see the heart for an organ who vital duties we know- it's metaphorical duties are the best!
I mean haven't you heard "the heart wants what it wants?"
And what of "straight from the heart?"
It is such a small pumping valve infested organ- yet it's other duties affect us most- so when things got so tough- that he couldn't breathe without cursing- he simply told me "I am going out for drinks tonight, and do not tell me I cannot."
In response I uttered "Do what you have to do."
So, maybe he's out drinking his pain away-and talking to his guy pals- because Lord knows he needs them, all I know is that the pain will be there when he sobers up. It will always be there because he gave his time and shared so much with her-that he cannot do away with the memories. So, the only thing that I know for sure is he will be okay, and if you ask me when that will happen- I will tell you only time and him can tell.