Friday, April 26, 2013

Graduate Diaries

It feels great to graduate from uni- and simply have a piece of paper
as proof of four years of intensive work- but something else makes you
wonder, what makes you special?
I am not talking about Honors, or having been the drunk who by God's
grace finally made it to his/her final exam and submitted a well
copy-pasted research project that earned a pass. I am talking about
what makes you stand out of the thousands who graduate with you?
It has nothing to do with your program or degree course but more to do
with your grit and what you envision for yourself.
See, I talked earlier on the "Half empty, Half Full' post about
writing a short ebook on what it means to be unemployed, or working
and just how hard people do work here in Kenya- and how very few if
not most never get to save the money they earn because they either
spend it on impulse or live beyond their means.
I had time to ask some organizations questions and I have to analyze
the data before I share it with you- but the one thing I thought of
adding into the book is "Bathroom talk."
Yes, ladies know all about this. If you are out on a date, you always
get to ask to use the bathroom for two main reasons: one is to freshen
up and two is so the guy can watch you walk away and walk back to him-
it's more like letting him see what you have to offer- and a man who
compliments you as you return is a keeper (even for a short while).
But, when you are in the bathroom- it is the one place you can share
fashion and style tips without having to dash home to watch the E
channel or TSN!
So for "The Graduate Diaries" I will focus on bathroom talk- as what
HR have to say on the hiring and firing processes of organizations.
This is qualify as bathroom talk because most of what I was told is
unorthodox and discriminating that it makes one wonder if
organizations really have systems that ensure they hire the right
candidates for the job- not people who simply portray the
qualifications but who also have something extra to bring to the job.
So, we'll get started this weekend and I will share bits and pieces of
the story with you through Jodie- I hope you stick around and share
some of what you have experienced and learned too.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?