Monday, April 22, 2013


"If all seeds that fall were to grow, the no one could follow the path
under trees."

I woke up at 5am today.
I felt so good that I listened to "Tales of Flying and Falling" by Ben
Montague (tweet him @ben_montague) . When I was done, I gathered
enough strength to clean the house, do laundry and get breakfast
But today this post is all about being unplugged! It is my vain
attempt to get a message across an audience that already knows bits
and pieces about my life-and would most definitely not influence it
unless I perceive their thoughts and actions as doing just that.

In other words- I will tell you about what's been on my mind lately-
and that is getting things done!
I have pending projects that I want to leave in that situation because
my mind is doing cartwheels when it should be doing breast strokes or
butterfly moves.

Have you ever liked someone so much and with time you realized that
you only liked hanging out with them and you have nothing you would be
willing to develop into a relationship?
Well, it has happened to me in my (lifetime) four times!
Those are four very special guys that I would donate my kidney if they
were ever in need of one and I was a match! But, forgive me for
leaving out one guy- one very special guy, who I could talk to for
hours and feel as though my best friend is listening and would never
abandon me no matter how stupid I get.
But Grace (who is delightfully engaged to Bruce) has been practising
her Dr. Phil lessons on me and we had an Oprah session- I dare say we
owned it!
She asked me if I did see myself getting married in the future. I told
her definitely- but if time were to be involved it would take a while,
because I am at this reckless phase in my life where I love traveling,
adventure and most of all just spending time with me. She asked if I
would consider dating any guy at the moment. The answer was hell to
the no- why? I told her I would keep the answer to myself because I
wanted to.

But, she said something unexpected "I like Bruce, we get along fine,
but at the moment I feel as though I would rather just date him and
not get married to him, at times I think I am worse than you, at least
you could stay single your whole life-adopt a cute kid, date some guys
and you would still be happy- for me it is different."

Our talk went further and we came to no conclusion- and that means
another day maybe- just maybe we could understand each other- and she
would stop trying to hook me up with any guy.
You know, I keep saying we are all unique.
And just like seeds that fall off a tree, some sprout the moment they
hit the ground, others are blown away by the wind, others are carried
to a different place by animals or human feet, others sink into the
ground but never sprout, some that sprout die- but all had one origin.

So, being unplugged is quite right.
I like being able to do just as I desire to. I also like it when what
I do and say shows that I am responsible and accountable to my family.
So for what it's worth, maybe I should listen to Jason Chen's "Never
For Nothing" album tomorrow at 5am!
How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?