Friday, April 12, 2013

The Single Diaries...Coming Soon

Dear Diary,

I am single! Yes, single as in not dating any guy and thinking to myself why does it matter? What is the sudden fuss about being in a relationship? I am twenty seven years old- that's why! Do not get me started on why I am still here and not baking something. I was walking to lunch when I ran into Domtilla, do you remember her? The annoying girl in high school who was pretty and had boyfriends from every boy and even mixed schools in the province! Yes, the one and only generous beauty. She hugged me like we were friends- then I realized that she was chubby and sweet. Domtilla has never been chubby or sweet. So, when she asked me how I was, I almost screamed for help. This is Nairobi- when you scream you are attacked not helped! We still yearn for some mob justice once in a while. So, she is pregnant. Domtilla is having some poor guy's baby and she is flaunting her bump like she is Beyonce. I gave her my inactive Airtel number and walked into a supermarket to get yoghurt. See, I am not jealous of her, I am envious. She does not have family asking her when she will get married or have a child, not like I do anyway. You know I hear the men at the office talk about the pressure of being told to "man up" and think they are lucky! Would I like to be a man, even for a minute? No. I do not want my appendage hanging out of my body like a tap. Hey, not that it's wrong- I guess I am just used to being a woman; curves, cycles, hair, breasts, hips and of course the capital "M"- mood swings! And that could be the reason why I am single, or not. So, before I get ahead of myself I will have to tell you some things about what it means to be single.

Xoxo, Single Lady.