Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fwd: Half Full and other stories

So the glass is half full, half empty depending on what you choose to see.
But- I have this project that is pending and driving me insane- if not just a little bit!
I have always wanted to write a book on what my life as a Graduate has been like.
With time- I have been engrossed in various activities that I simply pushed it to the bottom of my priorities list (I do have like tonnes of them)- so with a little help from my past interview- I decided to focus on the lies Interviewers tell you:
"Thank you for coming, we will get in touch with you in a week about our decision."

Bingo! They NEVER call.

Why? It is expensive to call up candidates you have not hired.

It is also time consuming ( a waste of 60 seconds) to write an email and send to all those unsuccessful candidates.

I was sending my current employer my work for the day- when I decided to check my sent mail- and you would not believe me if I told you that since graduating from the University (with Honors :-) ) last Summer- I have sent my applications to fifteen organizations.

Lucy, a good friend, has sent to over forty and she is already depressed- she needs a better paying job to meet her Wardrobe demands.

So, there is so much going on right now about The World We Want 2015- and youth unemployment is soaring in most countries with very many asking what could be done to solve this problem. Then, there's the President's 100 Day Agenda- saying he would allocate the run-off funds- Ksh. 6 Billion towards Women and Youth Fund to increase employment- I hope this comes to pass too.

But, if there is one thing I am grateful for and Lord help me if my Mom is reading this- is that those organizations never chose me.

Okay- allow me to explain- I am Me, everyone else is taken- and if it means trying to fit some structured profile then I am too hot-headed to do that- maybe that's why I love research and field work- out there, it is your personality and ability to think on your feet that sees you through.

So, I have come to understand that if I get shortlisted for an interview- I attend it, show the interviewers the real "happy go lucky" me- and then wait for a week- and email them to thank them so much for their time and wish them well.

And about that book...well, how about you get on my case a little bit and give me 2 weeks to deliver on it?

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