Sunday, June 23, 2013

Come Midnight

He never saw it coming.

She never let him go.

He knew that life would always prove him wrong. He would make his plans and life would make hers- in the end, life always won. He wanted to get a degree in Business, start his own clothing line, marry a beautiful woman, and have two children and a nice house.

He instead studied Art, started a small business of making cards, never met a beautiful woman and longed to never have children. How could he feed an extra mouth? But he could never have seen her coming not that he was blind, rather, he was very much alive and able to see. She walked into his shop at 10:00am.

She walked to his counter and picked up a card and asked how much it was. "Twenty shillings."

"I want something beautiful."

"I could write something just like that for you in the card, do you have any ideas and who should I write it to?"

"I have no clue, it's just that I am tired and all I could think of was I need to treat myself to something powerful- not cake, or ice-cream or beer, just something outside of me that will remind me that no matter how much it hurts that I am still a person."


"I'm sorry, I guess it is too much to take- but I want something like that and don't tell me to read a motivational book or take a walk, or breathe in because I can breathe alright! My nostrils and lungs have been working overtime on that, and my feet! Well, don't get me started on those. I have walked for an hour and something about your shop made me stop."

"Would you like some coffee? I only have instant coffee- you could tell me all about it as I write you something."

"Thanks, I would love that." He watched her sit. Her smile was beautiful. One side of her mouth was tilted upwards, the other downwards. Her eyes were sore, but they looked around the room with an urgency of a two year old. Her hands, she had the most slender and beautiful fingers he had ever seen. He looked at her as he set the flask and cup beside her. She was what he'd dreamed of, but he could not fix two broken souls.  She looked around the shop as she took her coffee. He tapped his right foot as he thought of the words.

"Did you just break up with someone?" He asked.

"No, I just needed to find myself."

"Don't we all."

"And you, have you found yourself?"

"I am here. I will be somewhere doing either the same thing or something else somewhere else, that is all I need to know."

"Are you married?"

"No, you?"

"No.Can you write me something beautiful?"

"I can write you something, but it will be up to you to decide whether it is beautiful or not."

"Okay, write me something."

"Promise me something."

"Strangers don't make any promises, they only listen."

"Okay, well listen- read this at midnight. Read it when you are just one minute or two away from a new day."

So he took the card, with his back turned to her he wrote "I will hold you when you are miles away from me. I will always look into your eyes and wonder what a beautiful soul. For each kiss, I will love you even more reminding myself that you are complete and so am I. And when the time comes I'll ask the Angel to spare me just one breath, so I can look into your eyes and take your beautiful soul with me for it is all I shall ever need to come back to you."

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