Monday, June 24, 2013

Step Up

"It's time to step up Dora!"
When my boss said this- I thought of 2012- Armageddon, what did I do now?
But, having just been ousted of a position some weeks back due to some good case of office politics I thought that maybe this time something will add up- but having a boss as flexible and strict as mine- well nothing of that sort did.
Instead he asked me out to coffee.
Yes- he did.
He told me to carry my CV and then listen to what he had to say. I had just taken my first sip of that cool Iced Mocha when he said "It's time to step up Dora."

I said, "okay."
He laughed and said "you have no idea where I'm coming from right?"
I nodded.
He said "I want you to take a crash course in Project Management and Statistics. I will write down some books you can look into and enroll you in an Researcher's online class where you will learn something related to this in a week. It will be tough but I want you to toughen up because there's a lot more that's coming your way and just so you know, you will not use office time to study and I will share some of the statistics we get from the field with you and give you exactly two hours to decipher the meaning, how about that?"
 I thought "what the hell Odiero?"
I said "I'd love to get started."

My sister always says that karma is real. Someone might do you wrong but you have to keep living your life because one day their  bad deed will catch up with them.

This had me thinking of how many people step up to the challenge in their lives.

I mean, do you set some goals or aspire to something new in your character every day. Or do you wake up every Monday feeling like some demon cursed you as you make your way to work- and then leave the office on Friday like Heaven awaits you?

So, what's your challenge?
What are you gearing up for?
Are you up  for improving your life?

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