Thursday, June 27, 2013

Look what I found

I have learned something about progress in English. In fact I have learned a lot more- but something about what it means to be online and just how many cool blogs and websites there are.
So, how about these:
  • Cinderella in Rubbershoes : A great blog about books, music, movies and a couple of thoughts and places too.
  • Book- Addict-Lover : I love this blog because it has some great pictures and thoughts on Young Adult Novels, Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies- that are definitely a-must-watch!
  • Coffitivity : It's all about finding the right atmosphere to work, if your work place is too noisy or too hectic to work in, simply log onto Coffitivity- and tell them what you want to create (proposal, novel, minutes, draft etc) and then they'll create the right kind of music mix and blend of sounds that are ideal for you. I tried it out- and it's awesome, I use this a lot.
  • Brain Pickings : I have shared this before and will still say that it is a well researched site with so much information written in the simplest way possible.
  • Inkstained : If you are a Writer and seek to enhance your craft, you should definitely visit Inkstained. It is a community of writers who do prose, scripts, poems and offer each other positive critism- plus you can post your pieces on tumblr too.

Check them out, and have a lovely week, my next post will be on #TheGraduateDiaries and some ways in which society can enhance job creation.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?