Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Writing and Marathons

Writing takes discipline.
It takes up time, energy and most of all grit. When i say grit, I mean the ability to get knocked down and still struggle to get back on your feet. I was going through my mail today when I came across a post on CreateSpace about just how much discipline it takes to write a novel  or a story.
This reminded me of people- I have often come across people who tell me they've always wanted to write a book, or are writing a book, but I have never heard of a sample of it, of read any paragraphs years on. Some tell me they didn't have time, others say they did not know where to start.

I have to write a very personal book.

More personal than "A Father's Portrait."

I have to write Dear Aurora , a book that will serve as my connection to my future daughter. Yes, weird and something quite impossible you might say, given that I am...
  1. Very single
  2. Not looking forward to being in a relationship anytime soon- and that time frame is more like 2 years plus.
  3. Seriously know that if I ever have a daughter she shall be named "Aurora" my ancestors who wish to be named will have to agree with this and let me be.

But, I have been talking to women in my generation, and those before me and learning of their experiences- I do hope that the insights I offer would be of help to Aurora when she does come of age.

So what do writing and marathons have in common?

Preparation- and endurance. You have to prepare yourself for both and you also have to endure whatever comes your way, there's just no excuse with that. I looked at my profile on #Smashwords and learned a lot about my writing. Of the 19 ebooks that I have published on that site- there's such a contrast in the downloads. On the one hand I love you this much has 2,535 downloads while Only time will tell has 130 downloads. Such contrast!

But for what it's worth, it has enabled me understand more about my writing- which voice am I comfortable writing in? What themes do I love most, and now I face the greatest challenge not only to write something personal, but also bring to life other people's successes and failures- and it is not easy.

I feel like I am in a marathon but instead of running I am rolling- and the spectators are wondering where I came from!

But that is just it- when you love something, it comes from you. I love writing, loathe how it makes me feel deprived at times, and how I can struggle to write the one word but it never seems to materialize- still I would not trade it for anything else.

Isn't that how one ought to engage in any worthwhile activity?

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?