Sunday, June 16, 2013

Project: Dear Aurora

I have a project pending.
I started working on it but due to certain distractions (and lots of them) I had to put a stop to it and collect more information. So, kindly allow me to share with you the journey and what inspired me to get started on "Dear Aurora."

First, I have always loved that name since I heard it. Yes, and thanks to vanity- the last three letters of the name resemble mine, that is 'Dora' - 'Aurora.' Cool right?

No, not really, but I loved the name because it means 'dawn.' 
I also hold dear other names like: Amelia, Lola, Nohima, Nohemi. 

If you could share any information on your life and culture with the future generation how would you go about it? I mean, what are some of the things and lessons that you would love them to learn? What are some of the things you'd pray to God they never do?

So, "Dear Aurora" is a collection of stories. It tells the experiences of women before and during my time and what they learned  about their culture, roles, responsibilities and leaving a mark in this world. It is a memoir that I would like to one day share with my daughter. I would love for her to know a couple of things and on that list include:
  1. Being one with God.
  2. Whatever you do, give it your all, let your presence and influence be a blessing to people.
  3. You are beautiful, worthy of love and to be loved.
  4. Love is love. It is not what you define it, because the moment you do- you constrict it- and are only bound to be disappointed.
  5. Look good, dress appropriately, and when you shake a man's hand, do not let your hand linger in his- touch is a pathway into one's heart just as much as the eyes are the windows to the soul.
  6. Listen to Daughtry and Gavin DeGraw.
  7. Listen to Ed Sheeran.
  8. Read, if you find this a bore (Lord, have mercy!) then download audio-books, listen.
  9. Some guy will break your heart. Cry, feel the pain, gain the strength and move on.
  10. Family, love your family and stay in touch with them. Respect your parents even if we are a constant pain.
I have included advice from my Mother, my aunts, and My Paternal grandmother- and it is my hope that I will get more from other beautiful and strong women that I meet in my lifetime. And it got me thinking- what of a son?

For the Son, there's a lot more that I got and I am looking forward to sharing more about "Dear Michael."