Sunday, July 21, 2013

My experience in South West Alego.

I have been working in South West Alego in Siaya County- this past week.
It has been a time for me to review my goals and most of all interaction with people, and this has been nothing but a never ending lesson.

I walked past River Nzoia, and made my way to Kabura Uhayi Dispensary which seemed like the end of South West Alego to me - ( but it wasn't)

Of all this I did learn that #teamwork is key in achieving a common goal. It gets better if you have a team leader who is able to make good decisions and relate well with each member.

I also learned that there are so many non- governmental organizations in Siaya, half of which use the people as subjects but never share their results/ findings with them, and the other half who promise to develop the communities but either fail or give little towards their promise. This had me look into donor aid and ask "how can Africans conduct their own research, and support their own people?"

"Why should we consistently have someone else tell us things like, our children's mortality rate, our poverty level, our socio-economic level when we can also invest in such research projects and seek ways of dealing with these challenges?"

And because of that, I have started reading on Socio-Political Development and Donor Aid. I hope to learn something of positive use in the field of research while I'm still in it.

It's been a hectic but good week all the same- I never saw myself aboard the boot of a probox- but I did sit there. (We were 8 passengers)
I also did not see myself climbing rocks to get to someone's home- I did.

And when all that walking was over and done with I took  a picture of my Helmet, and shoes...just to prove that I still could.

My Mom always tells me that the best thing you can always do is be a student, even when you teach- create room for the other person to view you as s student and in doing so you'll always learn something that builds on your character.
It's been a good week- and even as I head for the same place this coming week, all I can do is wish you a great week ahead with lots more stories to come from me.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?