Sunday, July 14, 2013

What's happened this week.

Hello, it's been a week since I posted something and here's just to let you know that I am doing well- had quite an adventure and I still hope to learn more.

I travelled to Siaya town this week- and it's been quite a dusty and bumpy journey but so far all's well:
I enjoyed the dawn at Ng'iya town
I am grateful that my 5am club is paying off because I am up by 5. I read and write some few lines, take a shower and get on the road at 6am, and am off to Siaya town.
I also visited Kamadewe village in West Alego, where they have these huge rocks - and I couldn't help but take a picture:
And I got to read The Collectors by Mark Holtzclaw :-) you can click on the title and read it too- it's a free ebook on Smashwords and quite a wonderful read.

I did learn a couple of things too about love and lust- and how it is easy to watch and learn. A Village Elder proposed that I get married to his son, and another insisted that I visit them by December just to see what becomes of the help they receive from the organization.

But nothing beats the names of the children I met!
The top three have to be:
  • Slimshedy
  • Mackaylia
  • Sweetness
It is amazing just how easy it is for parents to name their children- without a single thought on what life would be for them having embraced that name. I have to admit I found it tasking to name a child "slimshedy" - whereas the real spelling is "slimshady." I did however find the name "sweetness" cute because the little girl was short and chubby and very sweet :-)
It's been quite a great week- and I look forward to learning more and visiting more places in the coming week. Have a lovely week!
Here's a picture of Upanda village ( where the village elder proposed that I marry his son) he said - they have quite a large water source:

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?