Saturday, August 17, 2013

What it means to be used.

I have had three weeks to write this without sounding like I am whining or sending off the wrong information (I mean the kind that could get me sued, or worse off fired- or better yet sacked). Yeah, I know what I did right there.
Don't remind me.

But, in this world you work for, work with or work under someone.

Allow me to explain:
  • You work for someone: when they dictate the terms of work and all. They are boss. (This depends on their personality too, so there are great and just down right awful bosses.)
  • You work with someone: when it's a partnership, they cannot do without you and you also need them to get something done.
  • You work under someone: when he/she can better guide you or oversee what you do in the hopes of them making you better by allowing you to learn from them.

Now, there's also being used!

Reminds me of Kings of Leon- Use Somebody

But, the reason for this post is deeply rooted at the desire to make more money at the expense of someone just because they work either for you or under you. And for the second time running it's evident when it comes to research in Kenya.

It's like this: you are the boss a.k.a #ProjectManager and instead of paying the people who get you data well, you go ahead and slash their cut, so you can keep most of it to your team- and still hope to get quality data, but what happens then is this:

  1. Some quit (they are better than what you take them for).
  2. Some argue and ask for a raise (but you stand your ground and refuse and say "take it or leave it)
  3. A few stay behind because (they need the money to pay bills) and they consent to being used- so you .

But, what you have no clue is that- no.3 are the worst kind of employees you would want to have because:

  1. They are working for your money. It's the money they are after, once they get it, they are done with you.
  2. They are not loyal to you- and can opt to leave anytime anything comes along- and this would jeopardize your data collection and take your research way back.
  3. They hate you- and it's the kind of feeling that (I wish he/she would lose it or drop dead).
  4. They can doctor the results- hence your research becomes flawed.
  5. You can own their services but not their mind- so no matter how many ideas they have on how to improve your research- they will never share them with you.

And this is true for most departments in Kenya, and one of the main reasons why we are so behind development wise.

If we still have people we want to get rich at the cost of others, we can never develop and thus create room for ensuring that policies and programs are put in place for economic advancement.

So what does it mean to be used?

It means that in interacting with people you will come across those who mistreat you and you find yourself bowing down to their terms because you have pressing needs- one thing that you need to be cautious about however is that- they can never steal your mind. What you know, how you know it and how you use it, can never be at their mercy- so keep the faith, learn from "a user" and as time goes by, when you find yourself at a privileged position be a mentor- do not use people because you were used too. Dare to be different.

FYI: I saw this on let's do coffee and I smiled:

  • How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?