Sunday, August 11, 2013

Why you should believe in yourself.

'Be careful with your feelings, don't just let them go because they have been summoned.' I had just told her that I met this guy who seemed nice. I said 'seemed' and she pounced on me with words of wisdom. I wonder what she would say if I told her I thought he was the one (maybe punch me in the face). But, ask yourself, are you ready for something new? Are you ready to get back to school? To embark on a new relationship? To start a family? To report to work?  Are you?
Truth is most of the things we do require some Emotional Expenditure. We give it our all or nothing.
But I want you (yes, you) to think for a moment. Think of investments.  Are you a good investment? Are you worth someone's time, love, attention and uttermost commitment? Or are you just some short term investment that is forgotten with time?
A good example of a short term investment is in the club scene. A guy spots a girl, he buys her a drink, gets closer, asks her name, buys another drink, asks for a dance, buys her friends drinks and takes her home, score!
There are other kinds of investments. Are you a long term one?  If so are your returns worth it all? We live in a stock market kind of life where scenes change every millisecond. If you are not the best long term investment, sit back, reevaluate your life and re brand! See, I read this article on Eve, yesterday on the Standard newspaper, page 4,by Jennifer Karina.  She asks 'If you don't believe in yourself, who will?'
She outlines a couple of tips on building your self worth.
1.Dress well.
2.Groom yourself.
3.Exercise good hygiene.
4.Practice good posture.
5.Have a positive attitude.
6.Know yourself better through personal development.
7.Be gentle on yourself.
8.Increase competence, and learn a new skill.
9.Have an attitude of gratitude.
10.Smile and be friendly.
So, there you have it, as you start a new week, choose to be a great long term investment, not just by developing yourself but also those around you.