Saturday, August 10, 2013

Emotional Expenditure

What is your Emotional Expenditure?
Just take a minute, think about it, and tell me, or rather be honest and do the Math.
I came up short on certain fronts, but had my account maxed up on another. So, whatever it is, let's talk about it!
Emotional Expenditure simply put is your input on anything, but with this are the intangible aspects like feelings and intuition. I coined the term 'Emotional Expenditure' after a friend asked me what I would give to have a complete relationship. See, at times with people it seems that we invest so much love, care, time and loyalty but we get nothing in return. It is as though all we do is not enough to have them respond the same way or acknowledge our hard work. It is like expenditures. If you spend more than you make, you attract debts. If you spend less than you can invest in, then you are denying yourself life's little pleasures. So, how much are you spending on the people you love?
Do you have time to thank them or cherish them?  Do you make time for them? Do you think you do right by them? I think having an Emotional bank is good. You get to express your feelings and have others express their's. I thought of this as I was reading 'The Heart of the Night' by #JudithLennox. So whatever it is that you are going through, take time and simply appreciate the little things those closest to you have done to show you their support and with time, acknowledge and do the same.