Thursday, September 5, 2013

Strength to carry on.

If you are reading this post then please hold on. Take a minute, ask yourself, 'do I have to?'
If that answer is 'yes' - then read on.
If that answer is 'no' - then go do something else, but I hope it's a yes!
This week has been interesting, with so many things happening I almost forgot to blog.  I had just finished writing #Memories and embarked on a story for the Project Cordite competition when my friend asked me to stop.
I am yet to see my friends (all for coffee).  I am yet to see my mom and simply hug her, and did I mention that my sister is in town too? But that's not what got me to stop, it's my sister who made me realize that work could be either the best or worst thing that could happen to me. She is working hard to provide for her son, and I am in awe of her strength and spirit.
Have you ever had a bad day?
I mean just a series of unfortunate events that left you simply worn out? I could say that I have had such a day, and just the thought of it scares me.
But what I learned is that no matter how awful, or how many times you fall, you can dare rise again. It might take a minute or more or years but you will get back on your feet, you just have to choose to do so.
And it is in this light that I dare flaunt my new look - for I am going Afro! I am also venturing into skills acquisition, and challenging myself to acquire 3 new skills by December, and also teach the same number of skills to 3 people. So it's a law of three. Each person will learn something new from me, and in return they will teach each other what they've learned. Paula Meyer said 'Everyone is willing to give you something for whatever they are hungry for.'  That is why you can walk into a shop and buy that item you so want at whatever price the seller has set it. It is also why you accept to be lied to because you cannot imagine a world without whoever is lying to you. So, this weekend, my challenge to you is to simply be honest with yourself. For all you have been through and are yet to endure dare to believe that you can sail through.