Saturday, September 21, 2013

Thank God I have something

Thank God, I can write about this.

Have you ever felt as though there's nothing special about you as compared to others?

Well, big mistake is "you are comparing yourself to others."

On the bright side - we all have something that we cherish and are good at and this should be worth our time, attention and gratitude! 
Something happened yesterday that made me question the motive of someone close to me. And before I get into it, truth is I do not forgive easily, but I have learned to forget people easily- so most of the time when someone offends me all I do is retreat into my shell and let their actions and words float about around me. I end up letting it go- but it takes a while.

So now, I am going into that shell face and the best thing about it is despite my sorrow and disappointment in their actions I have this burning desire to write.

You do something that offends me - I write.
You do something that awes me - I write.

It's like a John Grisham kind of life, (only difference is he's male, rich, white, famous and hasn't written a romance novel :-)) 

So, what happened to get me feeling awful?

A few inconsiderate words uttered out loud- yet they resonated so much lack of concern and thought. ( Here's to that moment! )
Working on that piece of work- and this time it's coming from within- we'll see how it goes.

And the good news is that next week I might be finally making my way home- it is not agreed upon, but based on how these past weeks of work have been, it seems I shall be onto another project in due time and all that I can say is wherever my ambition leads me I shall try and do my best to live and be a blessing to those I encounter.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?