Friday, September 20, 2013

Love Sick

Have you read Love Sick by Frank Tallis ?

I got into the BuruBuru library today- made my way to my favorite corner, then started going through the shelves for something that would stop me in my tracks!

FYI: I have this sudden interest in Criminal Law that should fade with time!

But, when I came across #FrankTallis I had to stop.

I am a hopeless romantic- and if you think this is some ploy- here's the proof! .

I have written so much on love, relationships and coffee dates that I just had to read this book!

So, he asks "why do men fall in love more than women?" (um...I think it's fall in lust, not love Frank- but I hope you prove me wrong.)

"why does love make us lose sleep, concentration, appetite and coordination?"

"Why is it that lovers write poetry and sing love songs?" ( in Kenya, you can save yourself the drama, simply SMS LOVE to 23..., and get to woo the girl)

"Why does passionate love rarely last?" (now this I have to read!

But, Frank argues that "love is a kind of madness- a necessary madness designed to keep us together just long enough to guarantee the survival of our species."

What do you think?

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?