Monday, September 30, 2013


He found me.
I was looking at my list, counting down to my destruction when I heard his voice. It was a normal voice, like some random guy, any guy- just deep and uncertain.

I looked beyond him.

Three guys were looking at his progress.
I was a bet. I smiled at him.

If you look into someone's eyes long enough, you are bound to see the demon that haunts you. For in their eyes you see a reflection of yourself, and nothing but your heart remains cold and stumped! How stupid we are, yet how hopeful.
I smiled again. "Hi, my name is Wesley, and you?"

"Dora, like Dora the Explorer?"
"Yes, sorry I don't have my monkey and map with me today- just a book and time."

"Um, sorry, I didn't mean to offend, see it's very rare to find someone with such a special name I guess."
I look at him trying to decipher what his name means- so I go from 'Wes' and then 'Lee.' It suddenly comes to me- there's a Wesley College and it means "western meadow" but I am too frustrated to say anything.

"Are you waiting for someone?"
"Oh, sorry then, who is he?"

"Me?" He sits beside me. He smiles and I think to myself, this guy is young. He is very young. He could be fresh from high school, kids in Nairobi look way older than their folks nowadays (no offense).

"So, guess I made it just in time, uh?" 

Ohmygerd! This kid is smoooth!

"Well, I hope you win the bet, so do you get to ask for my number or should I just pretend that we are strangers and make you work hard for it?" 

He is shocked! 
He leans forward, looks at his friends, rubs his fingers through his hair, then shrugs it off.

"I guess the number could come in handy."

I write down my Airtel number and stand to leave. He grabs my hand, then says "bet or no bet, I'm calling you, how about we get a snack now?"

I smile- and suddenly my heart seems to flutter.
It's speaking to me, but what Wesley doesn't know is that, when my heart flutters it is only a whisper.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?