Saturday, November 30, 2013

Common Ground

Someone once told me "let's meet in the middle-there is always room for common ground there, please..."
I was angry, and declined his request. I did what I always do best when my emotions get the best of me- I walked away.
How do I do it?
Simple- it is by placing one foot in front of the other.

Now, years on- it feels like I have to find some common ground. I find myself seeking such solace- not because I need it, but because it would help me connect with someone I barely know. I have to find that common ground with my writing too. I have achieved some milestones with my writing and have lots more to go.
With 19 books published online at Smashwords and 47,006 views on this blog, it seems as though I am on some track, wherever it leads me I have to admit is still a mystery.
Having tried commercial publishing with 2 books available on Amazon, all I can say is that there's a lot more for me to do.

So, that said- I figured:
  1. I work best writing in the first voice.
  2. I love writing about relationships, dating, romance.
  3. I also do love sharing my experiences when I am out and about.
  4. Most of my writing is less that 20,000 words.
So, with all this my new challenge was to upgrade, not just my writing but seek out opportunities that would inspire my writing and hence:
  • I took part in this year's NanoWrimo  and I'm a winner! Yes, just look at the sidebar (on your right) and you'll see the banner. I got that for writing 55,000 words of a novel in 29 days!
  • I started a blook (blog + book). You can visit and follow the story of Leo and Melissa
  • I write every day, working on Currents, my new idea of a sequel- it's meant to be a 4-part story.
So, what's with the common ground- it's my way of reconciling my weaknesses and strengths to better understand myself and do what I can to my level best.
You can do the same, it is a way of understanding how far you've come in attaining your goals- and why you had those goals in the first place.
It's not easy, but it is really worth a try.