Friday, November 29, 2013


That's the title I have in mind- and I have already enlisted it online at Smashwords.

I have taken some time off publishing any written works online due to my participation in #NanoWrimo.  So here's a sample chapter of the story:

"The greatest advice my father gave me was 'be your own man.'
He did not tell me how, why and when to do it. He took my hand in his and told me those four words. My Grandmother, the village lunatic, told me that my life was like the river. It raged, swelled and flowed. I looked at her with tears in my eyes. She could talk about rivers at my father's funeral. She never viewed his body. When they attempted to get her close enough to his casket to pay her last respects, she asked them to let her be.
She turned to look at me and say 'words have life, and his last words will haunt you to your own grave.' I told them to let her wander. She was the mad part of the family. She looked at me then sped off for her wilderness.
I should have listened to her. I am on the brink of my journey and my heart yearns for solace.
 Mother is proud that I have finally graduated with a degree in Business. My girlfriend, Nancy, won't talk to me because I sought Grace, Nelly and the Kalenjin girl under covers. When she found me embraced by the Kalenjin girl she swore that she would never get back to me. Now all I have are my father's last words. They come to me in between drinks and kisses by my fans. They shower me with such dread my heart forgets to do its duty. In my Mother's eyes I am the perfect son. In my friends' eyes, I am the perfect friend.
In Nancy's eyes, I am the devil. I cannot see what is in my eyes, for the fact that I can look at myself and think about who I really am is enough to afford an alcoholic companion.
A man has his own demons. They can build or destroy him. All he has to do is choose. I am yet to choose my path. I fear that somewhere along the way I will wake up and face the devil that is within me. I am on my way to destruction and the only question that matters is 'can I redeem myself?"

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?