Tuesday, December 17, 2013

That Look in Your Eyes

I have so much to write about- that my mind couldn't stop reeling at the thought of what should go first.

So, I will tell you something about a book that got me writing this.
Yes, I was reading Awoken by Passion by R J Dale when something snapped in me--- 'the eyes.'

Miguel de Cervantes once said that 'the eyes are the windows of the soul.'
Most profilers and counselors prefer eye contact to understand what they are being told and just by a glance they can tell who is lying or trying their best to hide the truth. It works at times, and some times it takes years of constant observation and judgment to master this.

So, what look do you have in your eyes?

I don't mean the one you are having now ( the one that says, 'where is she going with this?'), I mean the one that shows up when things don't add up or go your way.

The kind of look that is hopeful, the one that knows that no matter how bad things are, they will one day and one time come to be something that contributed to who I am.

So, what look do you have?

Or should I say, what's your take on life?

It's Christmas season- the time where family means a lot more and taking time to be grateful as we reflect on what has happened this year. Some have lost family, friends, and this years has seen you grieve more than you ever thought you could take.
Some have achieved their dreams, they are at the top of their careers and believe that all is finally getting into place.
Some have started families- and now they have these little adorable bundles of joy that depend on them to provide, protect and nurture them.
Some have had ups and downs and this has left them uncertain- they are too scared to take a stand because something might just topple their confidence leaving them disappointed.
Some, are hoping they get to see the new year so they can finally set resolutions that they can fulfill.
Some, are simply tired of me going on about 'some people' and are wondering where they fit in based on all that I have listed.

Truth is, I might have never met you- but this year I am grateful that this blog has had a lot more views. I am also grateful that you have been able to read this far- for the gift and ability of literacy is not privy to most people.

So, what look do you have?

Are you hopeful?
Are you downcast?
Are you cautious?
Are you doubtful?

Whatever it is, I do hope and wish that you take time to appreciate all that has happened this year- for in its doom and bliss, you have made it thus far, and that's more than anyone who truly loves you can ask for.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?