Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The answer takes some time.

I am listening to You and I  by One Direction as I write this post.
It's a very chilly morning and I confess I am onto my second cup of tea.

I will switch to coffee when I feel I need to- but at the moment, let's see what I wanted to share with you...yes! Product description!

When you buy something- there's always a list of matters related to it. You know, like how to use it and what benefits it has to you as an individual.
For most tech-gadgets there's always the manual that contains all this information.

I encountered something yesterday when I was talking to my grandmother (a very wise Lady!) - that most people live life like they are products. Yes- and they forget that products are meant to be used and they expire. You know when you are interacting with people and you have this fixed mindset of who you are and what the people you meet ought to be-  then you are definitely living life within the product mindset.

But, if there's one thing I love about the use of products is that people always find ways of using them for other purposes other than what the manufacturers intended them for.
Take my nephew for example, when he was one year old- he loved to eat his Vaseline jelly. He saw his Mom use it to apply on his body to make him glow ( love you Siz, don't kill me as yet- but that boy glowed when you applied Vaseline on him. He glowed like ponge!)  and nurture his skin, but he still couldn't resist eating it.

And for most containers- they can be recycled to store water or any other fluid as needed. So, things change with time and need.

Today started out well- and I was feeling too lazy to get out of bed and do some cleaning- but now that I am done- something still bothers me- my writing.
I have a story to keep writing and it's gotten to that point where my characters have taken to their own lives and it feels as though I am deviating from the plot- but my solace comes from one person Chinua Achebe . Though he's gone, he still is my favorite African Writer. He said "the answer takes some time."

So, I am not going to lose my mind on what this story should be like. I will write it and let it simmer then do some editing and see where it leads me.
Aside from that- it doesn't hurt to have a fixed mind set if it seems to work for you; however it is also worthy to note that with time you will need to open yourself more to learn, for like a cup that's full whatever is added into it will spill, but an empty cup is always willing to take in more.

Have you heard of Leo and Melissa?
You'd better read on them---->

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?