Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Updates

I love Mondays!

I was supposed to wake up today at 6:00am, but thanks to my "snooze" button, I finally stepped on the cold floor at 6:08am.

I could have turned to someone and said "good morning," but I had to walk to the verandah to fetch bathing water where I was greeted by - Bonnie. He jumped on me and started licking my face, and ladies and gentlemen...that's how my day started.

I turned on the gas cooker- and made tea before taking a shower- because my past experience has taught me that while taking a shower, tea can decide to grace not only the sufuria but also the gas cooker- and everything else, in it's bid to prove that expansion is very possible!

But, that's not the best part of my day...see, I was to visit Moi Girls Boarding Primary School in Kombewa...and I got to understand just how compact human beings can be in a matatu.

So...let's take the second last seat (you know the one just before the back seat). It's always:

So, today...this slot had (me on seat 1) and two people squeezing into the space, and in seats 2 and three- 3 people. In that row- we were 6 people. FYI: One woman had a running nose and a perfume that would make formaldehyde smell like a breath of fresh air!
I got to Moi Girls in good time, did my work- and then made my way to a school called Omore which is within a radius of 5km from Moi Girls. It was a lovely school- and the teachers were very receptive save for some class eight "men"- oops, pardon me "boys" who found it appealing to engage me in a conversation.
I stopped for a chat, and one began by saying "Madam, you look maber!"

I smiled and thanked him. "So, how are your classes so far?" I decided to ask.
"They are coming goodly, si you know- with times, we have to get up early, was our feet- come here, and it's pouwa! I'm seeing you Madam! You are representing!"

God! Someone feed that boy a Thesaurus!

I smiled- and thanked them, and they told me more about their school and their goals in life- and all in all, it felt like save for the desperate need of a Thesaurus and "Gentlemen:101" the students did have access to basic education- it's just that they did not utilize it as best as I had expected.

FYI: One asked for my hand in marriage.

I told him I was old enough to be his mother!

I walked downhill for 5 minutes to the main road- and boarded a matatu for Kisumu feeling like a pot of coffee could save me from my day. I was then reminded of "Hospitality:101" when the conductor- a meter and a quarter tall- guy, light skinned man who seemed as though he had cayenne pepper growing inside him- talked to an old man so rudely it brought the driver to a halt- and an argument for 5 minutes. I felt like typing an SMS, but given the situation- it would have been prejudice, but the thought stayed with me until this moment.

When I got home, I realized I had forgotten my field note book at Omore- and so I have to create one for my notes :-)

I am heading to Kowuor Primary in Ahero tomorrow- and all I can say is my day has been great. I have also gotten a detoxification regiment to undergo this week- because silly as it may sound, I have to look good for something...a date? outing? Mmmh...

Wait, you'll read about it soon enough.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?