Sunday, March 23, 2014

A week of dresses and skirts...and picky pickys!

The key message for us in church today was "influence or be influenced."

Things are in motion around us all the time- and when we choose to remain neutral or take a backseat or even say "that doesn't affect me"- then we are lying to ourselves, for just as the universe is one- so are the events in it.

This had me looking back on my week- and my, what a week it's been!
I wore skirts and dresses to work!

Yes...and this is very new, since I am the boy-jeans type of girl.
I also rock shorts and slippers like it's a fashion statement.

I have been going round to primary schools in Kisumu County-and engaging the headteachers in understanding basic management of school funds and pupils academic performance.

I have been to these schools- and one thing I have come to appreciate is the running of the schools. If you set up a budget for your house, imagine having to budget for over 300 people, it is not easy and for that I have learned that financial literacy is very important.

It has also come to me that I look good in skirts and dresses and I am counting down the days to which I will wear them. (That's 10 more days to go, phew!)

Sitting on a picky-picky for an hour like a princess is also thrilling- and I am looking forward to doing so this week! I am still writing #Currents...and the story is taking me to places that I have never been, and having me look into leadership and politics not only in this country but also amongst the Zulu! I am currently reading about Shaka Zulu and Buddhism - and seeing how Shaka defended his kingdom and how Buddhism calls for calm in chaos.

So, I hope to share more about my adventures with you- and I will be taking pictures this coming week.

Have a great week ahead...choose to be a positive influence wherever you go.

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