Friday, March 14, 2014


The Rosemary just like any flower- holds a meaning of its own. It's attributed to "Remembrance."

This post is inspired by the act of remembrance.

It has been a wonderful start of the year because I have come to learn so much about teamwork, counseling, and writing through my research activities.

I have also come to appreciate something that Grace has been telling me for three years but it's been more of a buzz. Priority.

She would always tell me not to give time and concern to people who do not do the same, and would find it a bit tasking that I would venture forth to always get to know how my friends are doing by sending them texts, or a tweet or an email- and most would never respond in fact the ones that would respond would do so weeks or months down the line.

So, given that I started my meditation challenge (this is where you identify what's holding you down and letting it go slowly)- I decided to look into the aspect of remembrance.

It's common knowledge (thanks to marketing) that you only have 2 to 3 minutes to make a good first impression.

What is not known to most is that a good first impression is nothing compared to a lasting first impression.
I mean do they think of you a week or a month down the line?

So, I have been going through everything and everyone I have had the honor to encounter- and learn from, and this has enabled me sieve which people I would love to always engage with and those that I can deal with at an arm's length without them feeling disrespected.

It also opened up my thinking to interaction and commitment today. We have social networks to help us connect, but we do not really care how strong those connections are or how valuable they are.

It's become more like a game of minesweep- where you simply 'send requests,' 'follow' or 'like' people- without assessing how they deem themselves.
I'd admit, I have lots of friends on Facebook who are inanimate objects like 'paka wa Mose' 'swaggalicious' 'yule msupa' 'usinifuate' 'riddimz gyal' 'bubblixioc'

If it's easy to unfriend or block someone online- why not cut off communication when you do not see the value in your relationship?

So, I have to get to work now--- and continue cutting off links.
Will keep you updated on my progress!

Have a great weekend!

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?