Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Heat in Kisumu!

I had a heated day yesterday.
I know I could explain it in a better way- but I have to admit that the heat got to me yesterday.

Kisumu- is known to be a very hot place to live- here in Kenya, unlike Mombasa, we do not have the luxury of sandy beaches or a large population of Swahili people- to enable us walk around in lessos and kanzus.

But, I had so much work to do and when work's to be done- it has to be done.

That was yesterday- and today...the sun's here! Again!
She is beautiful, bright and scorching!

I am however not keen on ranting about the heat, because this is my kind of weather- but something happened today that got me a little upset as regards development and policies in place to govern this county.

I saw these group of Council Members setting up street signs, they looked something like this:

(PS: Thanks Google for the Image!)

Only difference was that this pole was painted red and white. Nice idea, right?
Well, it ain' can mark a road or street- but if it's the cause of many accidents due to its poor maintenance thanks to pot holes and garbage...then what's the use of the fancy sign?

I was ticked off, but as I proceeded to get charcoal- I couldn't help but wonder what if they were marking the streets to enable them repair the roads, and set up night lights?

Well, that thought fizzled- because on my way back, this boda boda man was so excited by the pole that he touched it forgetting it was freshly painted and the cement holding it to the ground was not completely dry- and next thing I know...his friends are laughing at him being chased down by the council members (a skinny guy smoking Sportsman as he runs, and a fat lady shouting 'mshike!')

They would have to set it up again.

It was not a wise idea, worst of all a practical one- but as I walked home, it reminded me of people and my greatest ally called Procrastination!

I'm talking of always doing something while keeping another important task on hold till the last minute! works wonders at times, but I am grateful for the art of planning because this has helped me set targets. It's because of this method (the planning) that I wrote and published 21 Days...and I am still writing Currents.

The heat here is crazy!
It can surely get me postponing a lot of things- but I have come to understand that there's no need of pretending or holding off things until the last minute. If it's got to be done, then it should be done.
It's not a matter of when how or why...

Yeah, on that note...I have to sign out and get started on a project plan for August!
It's gotta be now...or now!

Never say Never!
How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?