Saturday, March 29, 2014

The weekend is here!

So, the weekend is here!
I woke up at 8:47am with eyelids that weighed more than my head- and made my way to the living room, where Jay (my nephew) was watching Micky-mouse Clubhouse and Joan was having breakfast, and Jackie was somewhere- doing the cleaning.
I knew I had a dream last night, but could not remember how it went.
I have had the most active week- having gone to schools in various places in Kisumu County:
On Monday I went to Moi Girls and Omore schools a few meters past Kombewa.
On Tuesday I went to Kowuor in Ahero.
On Wednesday I went to Ranjira which is a few meters past Rabuor.
On Thursday I went to Kudho and St. Aloys Ojolla
On Friday (yesterday :-)) I went to Milugo which is 200m before Kolenyo, on your way to Bondo.

As for today, I will do some writing and reading, and maybe go buy a few clothes at the Oile market, wonder whether Jackie would accompany me?

But, all said and done- it's been a week full of surprises and great adventures.
I have got my own reservations about Free Primary Education in Kenya- which I hope to only compile when I can be of sound mind- and look at both sides of the transfers- because at the moment I am biased and constantly find myself siding with the Head Teachers!

Now that the weekend is here, what are you going to do?
I'm thinking some selfies with the family :-) and definitely reading a few books! I have to finish reading In the Kitchen by Monica Ali because though it had a slow start, the book has such intricate details of the human character.
It's a story that revolves around Gabriel, a chef, who hopes to makes it on his own and set up his own restaurant. He's been talking about it forever, and in reading the book you realize that he's such a pushover- and things always get in his way. First, they find an attendant dead in the hotel, and now this attendant had a girl, Lena- who he takes in his own home- and this destroys his relationship with Charlie- the girl he wants to marry. His dad, Ted, is dying of Cancer. He doesn't know what went wrong between them and doesn't have a clue on how to fix things. So, you cannot do much but hope that somehow Gabe takes a break...and thinks for himself.

Have a great weekend.
Read a book, will you?

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