Thursday, March 27, 2014

Guys, invest in a Thesaurus!

"xaxa!" it just me, or have people take the use of language way into idiocy and ignorance?

I have to write about this, because I was offended by a guy who expressed his interest in courting me, and he was very fluent in Luo- with a timber voice- you know, the kind that only a Luo man would express because he is confident and aware of his capability in courtship!

Flattery aside...when this 28 year old University Graduate sent me a message on whatsapp " xaxa?" I blocked him and decided that until he makes use of the basic grammar he was taught in school- that guy ain't worth nothing!

Yes, like the Americans say it, "he ain't worth nothing!"

How can a man go through 3 years in Kindergarten, 8 years in primary school, 4 years in high school and another 4 years in the University only to start a message by saying "xaxa?"

And do not get me started on "pouwa," what the griffins is that?
Dude! Get a Thesaurus! In fact, download it on your android phone- and make use of it, better yet- get the word app and learn one new word every day!

I am aware that times change and people do get carried away by fleeting popular trends, but if there is one thing that deserves respect is language!
It's not about learning it to pass exams, but also using it in the appropriate way. If you are a guy and your are reading this, and you have ever sent a girl you are interested in a text that clearly shows your lack of language prowess and appreciation- please be warned, that you ain't worth nothing but some fluke! I would also ask just how serious are you about her to send her a text that shows you are not aware of:
  1. the alphabet
  2. vowel use
  3. consonant use
  4. punctuation
  5. syntax
  6. language expression ?
How serious are you?
And you wonder why the sudden outburst of commercials, asking you to "TEXT LOVE" to some random number to get messages that you can forward to people.
I like someone who works hard, not on his looks or conquests- but in all he does. In my world- that means you start with words. Read a book, in fact- challenge me by proving you've read over 150 books in a year, and are currently working on upgrading your library by reading and buying more books. I do not just mean any book- but good books that touch on societies, structures, legends...and if the Bible tops that list, then show me you understand what it means to love your neighbor as yourself, and do not mistake this for being unfaithful, because it only shows you value your body less- and your primal desires more.

Get your grammar right.
We are not in a battlefield or living as spies for you to send me a text in code form.
Neither you nor I are in the military. Save the codes for your taxes!
See, when you get your words right- and your grammar on point it says something about you- that you appreciate communication and value being understood. It also shows that you respect and value whoever you are communicating with. And that's why you send them a text that they can comprehend.
So, forget the slang, the Y.O.L.O, the SWAG, and simply invest in a Thesaurus.
In other words, buy a Dictionary, and learn and use the words!

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