Saturday, March 1, 2014

Your grass is already green, stop lusting after your neighbor's.

I had quite the day today.
I am ticked off to the point that I fear I could explode with anger, but thanks to the heat here in Kisumu- well, maybe a cold shower and some music can change that!

So, what's got me pissed?
A whiner!

You know- the kind of person is forever poor that they become annoying.
The kind of person that always cries wolf to everyone that they are not good enough, rich enough, flashy enough, deep dark hole that never seems to shut up or cover them-self!


Okay...give a minute.
Make that three.

Kisumu is hot right now! I mean, I feel like I am constantly being turned in a burner- but the best part is--- I love this weather! I am a sunny bubbly kinda person. When it;s cold, things just get crazy for me.

So, this girl kept complaining that she was not thin enough, her hair needed an upgrade, she wanted her wardrobe changed, she wanted to have a rich boyfriend, and better paying job- and that she was twenty four and things were not going like she planned and now she was not married or pregnant and didn't even see hopes of her getting to start her own family, and the iced coffee was not so good- and she went on to say (and to my face, by the way!) that I had a better life than her, and she would do anything to have mine!

I looked at her and said, 'what's stopping you?"
"I don't know, everyone hates me, I don't have rich friends, I don't even go out, like I don't dress as great as you guyz."


I dress well?

Is she for real?

Okay... this one has issues!

She went on with her flattery- comparing herself to me, and I looked at our mutual friend with the kind of eyes that demand 'where did you find this one?"

She shrugged her shoulders and said, "Dora, aki please...she's been through a lot."
"Yeah, so have every other women before her! In fact, no one has it easy, if we all did then we'd not be humans!"

"Look..I hate my life."
"Then what are you doing about it? I mean, all you have been doing is complaining about how bad it is, yet you forget something, you have the power to change that. You don't like your wardrobe- so you work! Spare at least a thousand bob, go to Oile market and buy some new clothes. You want to be thin- that I am totally against, how about you eat the right kinds of food- eat only when you are hungry and when your body craves for something- indulge! You want a rich boyfriend- well, you and me both! Only difference is a rich boyfriend would want a confident girl, invest in your confidence, and this thing about my life being better than yours is crap...I do what I can to enjoy every bit of my life, it's high time you did that."

My friend gave me the biggest smile.
The girl looked down.
I realized I had been harsh.

I felt sick. It wasn't my intention to be harsh, but it's sad when you can do something about your life that's positive but spend your time on the negative.
You whine about the smallest things that you can change.

Have your ever done that?

If you have, STOP!
If you haven't, DON'T START!

You may have planned the Disney fairytale kind of life but got none of it. Don't whine, instead make the most out of what you have and enjoy every little bit of it. You don't have to drown in loans just to drive a car like your friends.

Your grass is already green, stop lusting after your neighbor's grass. Water yours, mow it, and if possible plant some beautiful flowers to brighten it up!

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?