Sunday, February 23, 2014

5 days to the release of 21 Days!

 Pic. credit: Astralseedstock
I have been working on #21Days.
This is the title of my second ebook this year in my bid to write more full length and explore the world and lives of my characters. So far, I have managed to type out the first two days and I cannot help but wonder why my editing is getting in the way of typing the remaining days, but all the same...I have 5 days left to share it with you.

I uploaded a mock video about the release and writing process of the story on YouTube and you can watch it by clicking ----> here

It's been one strange journey for me given that I was working full time and sparing my break hours to write snippets of the story, but all in all, you must have noticed that something is different. On January 31st, this year- I said I'd embarked on writing this book (here's the proof ) and I shared this as the working cover image:

So what do you think?

The 1st or the 2nd?