Tuesday, April 22, 2014

You and I

I am insane 
For writing this.

(Photo credit: Metindemiralay )

Indulge me.
I mean, you can do something meaningful with your time,
Just don't listen to me.

You and I
We are fire and ice,
Earth and wind,
Sand and storm,
Love and apathy,
Lust and non-compliance.
Soft and hard,
Mellow and rough.

Your hands,
My hands.
Together- they collide as we do.
Yet, they can't get enough of each other.

You and I,
Are like Catherine and Heathcliff.
Without one, the other is brutal,
A shadow, a pain.
Forever condemned.

So, why should we stay together?

Why should we part?

We shall not: For in you are the words,
another world, other people,
a story...one that loves to be told,
and me...well, you know me by now.
I'm the reader.

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