Saturday, April 19, 2014

Never Marry a Writer

I have been taking part in a Writer's Class online- that involves writers from all over the world. We have one more week to go- and I'm grateful to NanoWrimo because that's where I got my invite.

I'm also looking forward to getting a pat in the back for having blogged for a week!
Yes, haven't you noticed that I've blogged every day of this week?

So- that was part of the challenge. But, the greater one is this day's assignment where we have to take a look at how the society views Writers, and blog about something that we feel is closer to the relationship between a writer and the world as she/he knows it.

So, I picked the title "Never Marry a Writer."
First- I have to share this awesome piece of work by Julie Dillon- featured in Deviant Art

Check out her awesome works at juliedillon

Never marry a Writer- because she will take your words and turn them into words on a page. She will write them, cut them, copy them- and finally tune it into some piece that she gave life to.
Never marry a Writer, because she will have those days where she's there but gone for days, weeks and even months to a world where you cannot reach her.
She will slave for the right words, work on her never ending novel- and dream of places you can never reach.
Never marry a Writer because every word you say can and will be used for her pleasure.
You won't gossip or share the issues you have at work for she will have them in print and someone somewhere will know the source of her inspiration.
Never marry a Writer because she'll be mad at you if you get your words wrong.
Never marry a Writer because she's delved in the world of Jane Austen and knows Gone with the Wind so if you want to express your feelings- you'd better do it right, as though your joy hang on every word she accepted from you.
Never marry a Writer because when you disappoint her, she will not be mad- but she will cut you up into pieces and hand you doses of guilt with every word she writes to express her pain.
Never marry a Writer unless you are an avid reader- you've got to keep up with her imagination or at least...try.
Never marry a Writer because her disillusionment would only take her away from you and you will see her die every day and nothing you do or say will revive her, because when she writes the words flow from her soul- and when the sorrow bug attacks the soul, there's nothing you can do but always hope that she finds her way back to you.

And finally...NEVER EVER...take a Writer's word as the golden and final truth unless you know which world she's transported you to and why!

In other words...Never EVER question a Writer's motive. Understand it. That's all.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?

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