Saturday, May 17, 2014

Broken (and my story continues...)

Following yesterday's post I'd like to say that I am making progress with the story.
I have had a week of meetings, but still managed to catch up on my afternoon naps and this has given me ample time to write and explore the possibilities of various characters.

I woke up today and cleaned the house then made some tea. After struggling to get Bonnie (Jay's dog) to sit still, we had breakfast while watching Dora the Explorer and then walked with mom to town as she told me about her plans for the farm today. We walked pausing to say hello to her friends, former students, former childhood friends and finally got to town and I went to clear Jay's tuition fee and we proceeded to buy books.

See, there's something about Nakumatt and #BooksFirst that always gets me "Buy 3, Get 1 Free." I know it's an offer, but the way they display those offers always gets me thinking that I could buy the whole shelf and walk away smiling! After browsing for a while, I finally picked "The Burning Blue" by James Holland

So, now that I'm home, I find myself working on the story I had previously mentioned, and I cannot fathom how the main character would overcome her situation and if she is to choose, which path would she take and why? You may be wondering why I am going on about this being that I'm a writer and it's my task to write a story from the beginning to the end. Well, you are right- but though I had pictured the story in my mind, it seems that with every word I type there's the possibility of an ending I least expected.
It is a challenge, but also a bonus because it means that in my editing I am bound to decide which scenes to leave out and which ones to enhance to boost the plot.

I'd said that if you're broken, it does not mean you're expired. If you are hurt, it does not mean that you'll never heal. Healing is not just a process but a requirement for understanding- and I see this with my nephew every day. He is four and has lots of energy and zeal.
He cannot distinguish between the number 9 and the letter P. 
Every time he does his homework- he writes P instead of 9- and we go through it every time. I erase and he writes. He does not get mad or tired or angry.

I see it also when he's changing the t.v channels. He loves three channels Nickelodeon, Disney Junior and Jim Jam. These channels fall between 60, 61, 62 on the bouquet. He can press 600, 06, 060, 6660, 06,0,0 and the "Invalid Channel Number" message does not bother him! He'll keep at it till he selects his channel, and if he cannot get it right, he will scroll down to what he wants.

It seems like I've talked about a child learning a skill, but it's not just that...he does get frustrated at times, and he might feel sad about it, but he persists. It is the same during a healing process. You will feel hurt and frustrated,but what counts is your persistence. Healing is repetitive, in that you will have to relive the hurt and the pain and even the anger you experienced- but the only difference now is your goal. With healing you seek to overcome your hurt and to move onto something better.

I do not know how this story will end, but I have always learned that with writing there's a lot more going on not only in the writer's mind but in what she/he creates. The best way is to go with the flow, live in it all and when it's time to share it you can serve it raw or well cooked!