Friday, May 16, 2014

Broken doesn't mean you're expired.

If you are reading this, I will confess that being broken does not mean you are done for or expired.

It may seem as though I am talking of objects, but when someone breaks your heart- it always feels as though they did not consider your feelings and as such reduced to an object. So, why am I going on about heartbreak?

I am writing a story "What happened to us?" and my heroine is going through a tough situation where she cannot choose who to be with without fear of being disappointed in some way by them. I won't go into the details because I have to let this story pen out as best as it can.

There's one character however that seems to see right through her situation and tells her that she is done for whether she chooses the first or the last man. It's at this point that it got me wondering just how many times people can disappoint you and yet you still hope that there's one person out there who won't.

I guess in life when you have expectations that you do not share with others you are bound to be disappointed. There's nothing as hard as getting into a relationship without spelling out your expectations at the very beginning.
If you do not let the other person know what you expect of your interaction then chances are they'll go against your set rules and principles and when you end the relationship you hate them more for committing a crime they never even knew was a crime in your book of rules.
If it seems too far-fetched allow me to take you into a meeting. Yes, when you are called for a meeting the first order of business is always the agenda. Each item is exhausted and when time's up- the meeting comes to close. You go to the meeting knowing what to expect.
Shouldn't that or a bit of that courtesy extend to any relationship you have?

I have to get to a meeting and that means you'll wait till the next post to read more about the story that has me in a bind.
Have a good weekend.

PS: Have you heard "True Love" off the album "Ghost Stories" by Coldplay ?

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?

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