Saturday, May 24, 2014

Everybody expects something...surprise them!

Everybody expects something of you, so how about you surprise them, better yet, how about your surprise yourself?

​(Image credit: Clker )
I have had a busy morning today- and I am trying my best not to let it get to me, but I'm tired. My body is calling out for rest yet my mind desires nothing but intellectual maybe, I'll finish this post and try to convince my mind that it needs rest by listening to Mozart's piano concertos while lying in bed.
So, what did I do to warrant such exhaustion?
I went to the market- and came back home carrying such a load, that my right shoulder is in pain!

One of my neighbors saw me get home and said, "I didn't know you go to the market?"I could have choked her, but simply nodded and walked into the house as though her words breezed by me, but it turns out they didn't! Jackie would probably tell me to "stop catching feelings," but I can't help being emotional and quite rude at times!

I have often said that life is a collection of memories. When something happens to you, more often than not you find yourself trying to link it to past events or experiences to better understand how to work through it. It's evident in advice seeking and giving. Most people seek advice to learn from other people's experiences.
Those who give advice in turn, reflect on their experiences and work through how they sorted it out and leave it to the seeker to solve their problem. It's an endless cycle of memory.
If you think I'm kidding, listen to most radio stations in Kenya. The 'relationship' card plays out day in day out- and it never gets old. People call in to speak up about their experiences like it's an never ending dilemma.
It would be quite the surprise if all the radio stations did not discuss relationships for a whole day!

Have you ever surprised people?
I know I have- this year I set my Goodreads Reading Challenge this year as 25 books.
I read 200 books last year. I mean 25 is a target I can attain in less than 5 months, why go for it? I did get such a question, and the truth is- I was not looking at the target as something I could achieve, I was looking at it as something I had never done before and wanted to know just how fast I'd prove myself wrong. We are in the 5th month and I have read 47 of 50 books.

Will I increase the number of books? No.
Why? I do not see the need to.

Will I stop reading? No.

People expect something of you- that's why there are social norms and laws governing states and counties. For as long as you interact with people- they'll expect you to live up to certain standards and at times to do as they bid. But, what is this surprise that I am talking about?

You cannot please everybody. You cannot also please yourself and be satisfied after doing so just once- when you live for something or aspire to a certain goal, at times you will find that your actions surprise you and others. People might tell you, "I never expected you to do that," and it's fine- as long as you can learn a few good things from it and use it to go after your goal. I learned earlier this year- that if you do as everyone expects of you- you will be nothing but an empty shell or worse off a collection of opinions, and we all know how quickly opinions change!

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?