Friday, May 23, 2014

What Happened To Us?

"Sandy walked. It's all she remembers doing."

I have just published my fourth ebook this year, on Smashwords and it is titled "What happened to us?"

It follows the story of a twenty-six year old woman who has the brains, the mouth and pride but when she thinks she can control her life, someone swoops in and shakes her to her core, and suddenly it becomes more of a rant and the fear of losing it all to him.
 I had some challenges writing this story because I am used to creating very lovable characters who readers can resonate with from the onset, but with Sandy (the heroine of the story) she repels you from the beginning- and as I kept writing the story, I knew it would be a challenge and in so doing hope that anyone reading this book would go beyond what Sandy portrays and look into what she is not willing to reveal about herself.
She attempts to explain herself towards the end of the story, but I would be honest in saying that it still leaves much to be desired because there are good and bad qualities in her- and you can relate to any of the two depending on how much you are open to reading about her life.
 I have gotten my very first review and I am hoping for more. So, be sure to download a copy by going to on Smashwords.
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Thanks a bunch!