Friday, May 2, 2014

Here's how my novel "Currents: Fire" starts.


Desire burns like fire, and so in the beginning was the desire for a legacy.

A boy was born in the land of Leo. The hands that held him foretold his future. They lay upon him the blessings of a nation. His task was to help his people thrive and be free of the wickedness that befell the world. Somewhere in that room was the one who knew about what would come. He listened as the man blessed the boy, and sighed at every word. The man who held the boy was Uwezo. He was the King of Leo. His people loved him just as much as they feared him.
His beautiful wife, Pendo, was relieved to have finally produced an heir to the throne. Her Mother-in-law would be kind to her now. Her people could rest assured that their daughter was worth all the cattle that Uwezo gave them. She looked up at the ceiling, exhausted, but hoping Uwezo would let her hold her son. It was a time full of love and celebration in the kingdom for no gift was greater than that of life. For King Uwezo, the fact that he held his own son in his arms was proof that he could finally join his ancestors having left a guide for his people.

"My King, what shall we name the boy?"

Uwezo turned to look at the midwife. She smiled then bowed- her head touching the mat where her Queen lay. This woman had been like a second mother to him. It was by looking at her that he became aware of the guards in the room. He looked around hoping to see his elder brother, but Ukweli was nowhere to be seen. He remembered that their custom did not allow his brother to see the boy until he had been circumcised.
The woman gazed at him, reminding him of her inquiry.

Copyright. Dora Achieng' Okeyo, 2014.
How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?

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