Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day is this coming Sunday!

I love my mom.
You might be smiling or rolling your eyes at this but for the fact that this is my blog- allow me to go on about my Mom, and in so doing remind you that you need to do the same for yours.
She may be with you or not, but all the same- you have wonderful memories of her, and that is the best gift any parent can bestow on their child.

So, to all the mothers- Happy Mother's Day :-) (in advance!)
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Where should I start with my Mom?

I don't know- but as I write this, she has seen three children through higher education on a teacher's salary, and don't get me started on how little she earns- rather I'll tell you on how good she saves and invests in different saccos so she can make ends meet.

I learned how to dust and clean the house thanks to her.

My love for books stems from her influence and training as a Literature Teacher.

She taught me how to cook ugali through her nose. I don't mean that it was easy for her- but while cooking ugali she would be either in her bedroom or the sitting room and when I was about to get it off the jiko she would raise her voice and say "it doesn't smell like it's ready" and I would mumble and grumble and keep it on fire, tossing and turning and molding it until she would sniff her approval!

We lost Dad 17 years ago- and she's seen us through and I'm grateful to how strong she has been in helping us achieve our goals and scolding us too when we lost sight of the values she's taught us.

So, what is it about her?
It's just her. She's a lot of wonderful things and of all that she does, I can only say that one thing is certain- she is my mom.

She's guided and continues to counsel another wonderful mother who is my older sister, Cheryl. At times I look at the two and wonder just how they do it- but I never stop thanking God for them, because some women out there are not as lucky and blessed as I am. Some have gone through the worst in the hands of their mothers- so much so that they curse their mothers on Mother's Day.
I cannot will my imagination to say that I know what they are going through, but can only hope that they choose to be better examples to their loved ones.

Happy Mother's Day to all the strong, beautiful, true and hardworking women.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?