Friday, June 20, 2014

A good laugh

It's good to blog again!
So- I traveled to Kisumu today and there's something that I have to tell you about. If you're a Kenyan citizen and have used public transport- have you seen this?

It's the "OMATA SPEED LIMITER" and just like the name suggests it does limit the speed of vehicles on the road. This is to reduce the rate of accidents, and to ensure that road carnage is reduced in Kenya. Well, thank you Mr. David Kiarie for your invention- I had to sit in a shuttle for six hours while listening to the beeping sound of that limiter every time our driver overtook a lorry or bus.

I feel the screeching sound in my ear now that I talk about it!

But that's not it people- my week has been hectic- but I made some new friends and learned a lot about patience and the value of experience. It was refreshing to hear that in some parts in Kilifi- people have to stand by the road for half an hour or more to give way to elephants. They know how easily the beautiful yet very endangered species in Kenya- can trample a person.
I haven't written much- but I look forward to sharing a short story "The Girl Without a Voice" on my story blog: You can sign up to receive daily chapters of the story coming this July.

I've had my share of football matches and disappointments watching #TheWorldCup. So- it clear the Spaniards are out! The Aussies and the English- and sadly for me Ivory Coast and Portugal...yeah, so clearly (that's the way I see it)- I'm not betting on Costa Rica, Netherlands, Germany or even Brazil (though Neymar's hair's good, forget #bleachyboys , and simply look at the guy in the line up :-)
I could say Uruguay (but something about Suarez rubs me off the wrong way-I still haven't gotten over the ear thing, I've just got no beef but major beef with his awesomeness)

So- my madness aside- have a lovely weekend.
Be careful with your words for like stones, once thrown the action cannot be undone.

For all that is right, let there be love-peace and understanding.

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