Saturday, June 21, 2014

Matters of the Heart

I know that this might be like a second cause, but the truth is I am done watching #TheWorldCup. Yes, well...I will change my mind in ten seconds. So, you probably know just how much I'm a hopeless romantic and would always love to read more romance stories set in Kenya.
Let's just say that I did!

I read Save my Heart by Elly Kamari.
It's a story about Leila, a young single mother, who was forced to raise her daughter-Sonya, on her own after the baby daddy decided that he wanted her out of their life. So, eight years later and she bumps into the man- and he wants in on their daughter's life.
When I started reading this story- I was expecting lots of pain and anguish- but nothing like deceit of the highest order, especially on the guy's part- and that's the twist that had me hooked. I won't say nothing on the ending because my review highlights my agony.
So, what's spurred this?

I ventured out into a short story blog, and now I'm looking for short story writers. Yes, it's a platform that would grow with time, but I need to see it start off well. So, what am I talking about?

I'm talking of this blog. I started out with a short story on the love between Leo and Melissa. It came to an end thus creating room for the next one- The Girl without a Voice. So, if you are or know any short story writers who'd like to be featured on this blog- tell them to send me a tweet @herhar or an email at and I'll get in touch.
I'm not in a position to pay, but sharing a story on this blog could be good for your writing!
So, remember: 
  1. the blog 
  2. send a tweet  or an email:
  3. It's not a paying gig- but a great exposure gig!

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